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Photovoltaic enterprises expand inside need or have a way out

Update Time:2013.01.08 News Sources:sunyosolar

The photovoltaic enterprises, the so-called transformation and upgrading is a past the eye is outward to the eye is inward, and the country expands inside needed strategic dance, the original raw materials, equipment and technology, the market " three outside" to " three, " and work hard, through scientific research development independent innovation technology, this ability is to solve photovoltaic industry is subject to the foreign key problems.

Now, in the cable on the photoelectric enterprises workshop, assembly line are all in normal work. Yu Yanjian said, although the photovoltaic industry faces a challenge, but did not reduce the capacity of cable on. Their goal is to expand production capacity three times, to enter the domestic photovoltaic industry before ten.

In the face of " cold ", Taizhou photovoltaic enterprises did not await one's doom, but have taken countermeasures, strike trade protectionism.

Understand according to the reporter, Taizhou some enterprises or with Taiwan photovoltaic enterprises, or in overseas production workshop, or the development of South America, Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets, to seek life.

" At present, the country also published a lot of new policy supporting the photovoltaic industry, is the key to our enterprises should actively respond to the market change unpredictably. For this pair of enterprises, is a road of seeking to live on. " Zhejiang Bao poco new energy Limited by Share Ltd manager Zhao Dong says, 2013, shuffle is a baptism of PV industry in Taizhou.

According to the insiders, in 2013, the country will have more small and medium-sized enterprises will be closed, Taizhou photovoltaic enterprises will also conduct a reshuffle and integration. In the PV market fierce competition, overmatch heals strong pattern will become apparent. Taizhou in 2013 after the photovoltaic industry, from single manufacturing industry into application industry, a large number of lack of capital actual strength and brand advantage in death is inevitable.

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