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Solar junction box in the photovoltaic battery plate position

Update Time:2012.09.25 News Sources:sunyosolar

As the saying goes: " penny wise and pound foolish", for the interests of small, resulting in a large loss.

Solar junction box in photovoltaic system, improper selection of the battery board burned and even the photovoltaic system crashes the loss outweighs the gain. How to select the junction box can refer to:Http://www./taiyangnengjiexianhe-370.htm

Junction box comprises a box cover, a box body, terminals, diode, cable, connector components.

Junction box function

1, enhance the safety performance of PV system components

In 2, the seal assembly current output section ( the lead part )

3, the use of more convenient, reliable components.

Sunyosolar photovoltaic junction box quality first, service first.

Dongguan City Sunyosolar photovoltaic Limited is committed to solar photovoltaic connectors, junction box, a photovoltaic wire and photovoltaic connected components of the R & D and production. A detailed understanding of the product parameters please login:


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