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Solar connector optimization of solar photovoltaic power generation system

Update Time:2012.09.21 News Sources:sunyosolar

Under illumination, solar cell module to produce certain electromotive force, through the component parallel to form the solar battery square matrix, the matrix to achieve system voltage input voltage requirements. Through the charging and discharging controller for charging the battery, the conversion of light energy to the electric energy storage.

In dark conditions, batteries for the inverter provides input power, through an inverter to the role, will be converted into AC DC, delivered to a power distribution cabinets, distribution cabinets by switching of power supply. Battery discharge control by the controller, to ensure the normal use of the battery.

Photovoltaic power station systems should also be limited load protection and lightning protection device, in order to protect the system equipment from lightning strikes over load operation and maintenance system, the use of safety equipment. Solar energy, electric energy and chemical energy to electric energy to light energy.

Simple solar power system diagram:

solar pv

From the above we can see that, left and right connection, need a large number of solar junction box, solar energy, photovoltaic connector and cable assembly. In line formation, we often use to solar connector, so that the solar photovoltaic system more convenient for management.

Below we forgive photovoltaic solar connector with three SY-BM21-A/C as an example introduced two turn solar connector:

  Product No.   BM21-A/C
  Rated Voltage   TUV 1000V DC / UL 600V DC
  Rating Current   20A ~ 30A
  Suitable cable cross sections   2.5mm² ~ 6.0mm² / 14AWG ~ 10AWG
  Pin dimension   Φ4.0mm
  Proof voltage   TUV 6000V AC(1Min) / UL 2200V DC(1Min)
  Pollution degree   2
  Protection class   Class Ⅱ
  Contact Material   Copper,Tin plated
  Contact Resistance   ≤ 5mΩ
  Connector Material   PPO
  Degree of Protection IP   IP67(IEC 60529)
  Withdrawal Force   ≥ 50N
  Inserition Force   ≤ 50N
  Temperature Range   -40℃ ~ +85℃
  Flame Class   UL94V - 0

solar connector

Dongguan City  Limited is committed to solar photovoltaic connectors, junction box, a photovoltaic wire and photovoltaic connected components of the R & D and production, widely used in photovoltaic power plant, power grid, power generation, roof systems, household power supply system, solar mobile power, solar mobile phone battery, communication power supply, solar lighting (street, lawn lamp, garden lights and traffic lights ), solar energy and other fields, and formed by the product development, mold design, production to sales of all in one service, providing customers with high quality products, quality service.

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