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China PV market demand prospects usher in a major favorable policies

Update Time:2012.12.31 News Sources:net

In the industry of cold current domestic photovoltaic industry, recently entered policy honeymoon period, has ushered in a major favorable policy. In December 19th, the largest in the history of good news: the State Council executive meeting to study identifies five promoting PV industry the healthy development of policies and measures. This is the State Council executive meeting for the first time in the photovoltaic industry as case study, and the introduction of specific guidance. Industry insiders said, these five measures can be called photovoltaic "country of five", each are targeted at the domestic photovoltaic industry existing problems puts forward, truly have a definite object in view, and will become the guiding China's photovoltaic industry healthy and orderly development of the programmatic policy.

By this good news to stimulate the domestic stock market, U.S. stocks and the photovoltaic plate collective boom. U.S. stocks, Suntech power 19 led the 17.76%, new energy, solar energy, LDK LDK, Artes CSUN or Junchao 10%, Han Huaxin energy, JA solar, Trina Solar, Yingli, Yu Hui sunshine also rose, super 5%, U.S. stocks in any solar index was up 10.59% to 187.27 points. The domestic stock market, the photovoltaic plate 20 emergence, Hairun photovoltaic opened trading; during the same period, 100 million optical crystal, Billiton new energy, Denon photoelectric stocks have exceed more than 6% of the total.

Actively explore the domestic application market

The domestic photovoltaic industry excessive dependence on the international market problem long-standing, but in Europe and the United States " double reverse " context becomes more and more prominent. This is due, the photovoltaic " country of five " point out clearly, should " actively explore the domestic photovoltaic application market ", " exert oneself to advance distributed photovoltaic power generation, encourage unit, community and family to install, use photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic power station construction in an orderly way ", take this out on the foreign market is heavily dependent on.

Notably, in support of the home market that start, photovoltaic " country of five " is also proposed to " improve the support policy ", " according to the resource is formulated in terms of PV power station subregional Internet benchmark price, distributed photovoltaic execute according to the electricity subsidy policy, according to the cost of reducing tariff and subsidy standard of reasonable ".

In JA solar Supplier Relationship Management Manager Wang Runchuan looks, at present there is only " make it rigidly uniform " photovoltaic benchmark price policy, so developers gather together in light resources well west of the hydropower development in. " If the subregions of the benchmark price, electricity price coverage will be extended to the whole country, which will be helpful to hydropower development market cake bigger, future of the Middle East Department of hydropower development will enter the blowout period. " Wang Runchuan said to a reporter.

For the distributed photovoltaic power generation, the executive meeting of the State Council explicitly will be in accordance with the electricity subsidies. Electricity subsidies advantages, can avoid the similar to before " golden sun" project installation caused by subsidies to fill in. This just in September 17th this year and report " " golden sun " is expected to go into the electricity subsidies era " predictions coincide.

In addition, photovoltaic " country of five " also said, " will improve the central finance capital to support the development of PV system, solar power station project implementation and wind power the same tax preferential policies ". According to a new energy power generation enterprises internal sources, the current photovoltaic VAT rate is about 17%, and about 8.5% of value-added tax of wind power. According to this estimate, if implemented with wind power the same tax preferential policy, is equivalent to the PV power station project development of electricity tariff based on current increase 8 cents / degree, a 20 MW power plant only year electricenergy production income will thus increase 8%, it can stimulate enterprises to invest in power plant passion.

To reduce government intervention

The photovoltaic " five states" " give full play to the role of market mechanism, reduce government intervention " formulation, some in the industry think this means that the local government will stop on the local enterprises to support, let its emerge of itself and perish of itself in the market competition, before similar to Xinyu city hall for the LDK LDK transfusion behavior will be stopped.

However, China Institute of energy economics research of photovoltaic research center director Hong Wei does not agree with this view. He points out, this formulation is not aimed at the local government support for leading enterprises behavior. " For those already has the international competitive power of enterprise scale, after all, the local government has invested a large amount of financial support early, if stopped support, will inevitably lead to great waste of social wealth. Moreover, photovoltaic industry as a strategic emerging industries, can not be completely separated from the support of government policy. " Red Wei further explains to the reporter, " the key to distinguish ' policies ' and ' government intervention ' are two completely different things, because ' policy to give aid to ' will ' government ' is wrong, because the ' government ' formed a loss against ' policy support ' is wrong. Policies should be implemented by means of market is the hope of PV industry in china. "

In addition, the photovoltaic " country of five " "prohibited local protection ", a personage inside course of study for example, assuming that the Jiangsu photovoltaic application projects, provision was forced to use the Jiangsu manufacturers of photovoltaic components, not in Shandong, which is not allowed. In the majority of the industry, this new rules more accord with market rule, has its rationality and significance.

However, photovoltaic " country of five " as the creed sex file, also some supplementary and perfection urgently. Hong Wei thinks, the photovoltaic industry as a strategic emerging industries and economies of scale, with greater financing demand, so it is urgently needed in the financing policy to give aid to, but the photovoltaic "five states" did not mention this point.

A photovoltaic power plant investment enterprises responsible person also said, " it is just a programmatic views, needs each ministries specific supporting documents, such investment can be assured of photovoltaic power station. "

" The State Council executive meeting to photovoltaic enterprises points out the direction of and confidence. " China Renewable Energy Society, vice-president Meng Xiangan said, " but it does not mean that accomplish at one stroke, this requires a process of digestion, ministries must follow a detailed supporting policies. "

Strict control of new capacity expansion projects

According to the State Council executive meeting to determine the photovoltaic " country of five ", will " strictly control new simple expansion of production capacity of polysilicon, photovoltaic cell and module project ". To this, Meng Xiangan thinks, this is based on the " serious excess capacity " problem decision.

According to Meng Xiangan, this year's global photovoltaic battery component market demand for 30 - 35GW, but China's current production capacity has reached as high as 40GW (about total global production capacity of 2/3 ), far higher than global demand. " In the face of such a severe overcapacity situation, the State Council executive meeting to put forward clearly to want strict control capacity. " Meng Xiangan said to a reporter.

Reporter notes, photovoltaic "country of five" also pointed out the need to " make good use of market ' mechanism ', encourage mergers and reorganization of enterprises, phase out backward production capacity, improve the level of technology and equipment ". Analysis of the personage thinks generally, this will promote the domestic photovoltaic industry to accelerate the integration process, the survival of the fittest competition results.

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