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China photovoltaic reproducing dawn German photovoltaic giant lobbying the Chinese Enterprises

Update Time:2012.12.29 News Sources:solarbe
The middle of December, the German Wacker Limited by Share Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as the wak) of a team quietly emerged in China, in about two weeks time to visit a number of Chinese photovoltaic battery and component enterprises.
In February 26th, a domestic polysilicon business executives call a spade a spade points out, the team 's trip to Wacker, lobbying the Chinese enterprise and the related interest parties, wanted to postpone the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on the polysilicon double reverse the preliminary schedule. " Walker is a polysilicon manufacturers to Chinese dumping the main one, in 2012 China 's exports to the EU in 95% for Walker out of polysilicon. "
Prior to November 1st, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced on the origin of the polysilicon initiated double-reverse investigation. In 2011 China's import from the EU polycrystalline silicon 14643 tons, according to association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal silicon industry branch provides the average US $60 per kilogram price, total value of more than 5500000000 yuan.
However, for the European Union's polysilicon double-reverse investigation in part of the downstream cell and assembly enterprises are not recognized. In 2011, the EU still holds China component exports more than 60% of the market, and a considerable part of downstream enterprises and wacker polysilicon manufacturers such as Europe to sign a long single contract.
Solar photovoltaic industry expert Liu Wenping thinks, including Wacker, EU polysilicon enterprises in product prices lower, " downstream battery and component enterprises hope to reduce costs ", if the domestic double reverse pass, punitive tariffs will raise the prices of imports.
"In the polysilicon double reverse field can be divided into two steps, first only in the United States and South Korea, the European Union 's first while waiting for the results to be each other's June ruling. " Liu Wenping suggested, so can maintain the interests of Chinese enterprises.
Walker's lobbying
Walker is the world's three largest polysilicon manufacturers, is also China's Ministry of Commerce initiated by EU polysilicon "double reverse " to investigate the influence of the largest companies, each of about 50% above the polysilicon production exported to china.
" We hope China will not impose a punitive tariffs, if must collection, we will be exported to China, the customer will purchase, although the price will be higher. " In December 14th, Shanghai Wacker president and CEO Rudolf Staudig said.
As the world's largest photovoltaic cell and module production country, most of Chinese enterprises and wacker has long single relationship. Walker has said, the company's polysilicon supply long single has a row of 2015. This batch of long single from the end of 2010, and said " the price is very encouraging ".
The polysilicon executives, including Trina Solar, Suntech, LDK LDK the size of dozens of photovoltaic downstream enterprises and wacker has long single contract, " relatively high even reached 60 U.S. dollars / kg ".
" Now Wacker depicts a story, at the policy level to the EU lobbying, not for the China 's dual; in China, hope to lobby the government to postpone business double reverse, in order to increase imports. " The executives dispute, the United States of America double reverse time also is such a script, "the key is finally destroyed on Chinese American double reverse.? "
Customs statistics show that only a country, Germany, before this year September exports to China's polysilicon gross amounts to 16046.795 tons, than last year the annual export volume; from the price, German exports in September at a price of $26.8 / kg, lower in early 35.5 dollar / kilogram price, has been reduced by 22.3%.
The polysilicon executives say, since 2012 European Photovoltaic downstream enterprises stop production, raw material of 100% output, plus Germany wacker 's new production line put into production in 2012 before the end of 2011, the total output of more than 20000 tons of polysilicon, the "more output can only let the Chinese market to digest ".
" You see from the monthly in quantity and price, basically before June at $30 / kg, but after June, suddenly fell to 28 U.S. dollars / kg or less, it is before June to a single long dominated, in June after the spot are. " The executives explain, Wacker at the end of 2011 and 2012 two quarter to lift the two polysilicon single long, received a total of about 84000000 Euro deposit indemnities, and two long single polysilicon into the spot market, promote the rapid decline in prices.
It is reported, at present European Union to Chinese market dumping price of polysilicon has reached 15 U.S. dollars / kg.
To this, Skei Tao Dege expresses, this price can not reflect the actual price negotiated with suppliers and customers. But the past polysilicon prices high, the PV industry chain inventory a lot of polysilicon. " This is the backlog of inventory results, some operating tension company, hopes to release stock fund. "
The various controversies
In 2008, China's import from the EU polysilicon is 3932 tons, but to 2011 up to 14643 tons in 3 years time, increased to 3.7 times.
Chinese enterprises to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for a " double reverse" report, last year 1-4 month, the products were investigated the average import price of 477 yuan / kg, but this year 1-4 month average price has dropped to 162 yuan / kg, within one year of reduction of up to 66%.
Liu Wenping said, in the United States, South Korea and the European polysilicon low dumping, domestic polysilicon enterprises more than 80% has been discontinued, " currently in production only GCL-Poly, Guinness, REpower dozen, but the capacity utilization rate of less than 40%, can only be taken off partial reduction strategy ".
" Double reverse " appeal by the China's four largest polysilicon enterprises are initiated jointly, respectively is: Jiangsu in the silicon industry, Jiangxi LDK LDK photovoltaic silicon technology, in Luoyang, Chongqing high-tech new energy. In 2012 1-6 month, the four companies total output is 28484 tons, occupy the domestic 36230 tons total output 79%.
The opposition is downstream enterprises, domestic enterprises of the polysilicon prices higher, polysilicon double reverse, domestic prices will rise, which hampers the cost reduction steps.
" In addition to the one or two factory, the domestic polysilicon cost price in 25 dollars / kg or more, than the current spot market is about 60% higher prices, have been used to reduce the customer can accept such a large price increase? " A Jiangsu assembly enterprise executives questioned, domestic polysilicon enterprises initiated double-reverse investigation more out of its own interests.
The photovoltaic business executives said, China in the middle of polysilicon price and spot practice, even though the double reverse through will not rise. The downstream enterprises not only the immediate benefits, can not have fantasy, " China only hit out actively, through double reverse preliminary, thus can and the game a good result on the lower reaches of ".
It is reported, due to EU polysilicon double reverse three months retrospective taxation period introduced since November, polysilicon imports started to reduce. In this context, Wacker announced the suspension of 15000 tons of polysilicon expansion plans, and this is located in American Cleveland city project was planned at the end of 2013 completed and put into production.
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