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Hunan Polytechnic Vocational College " photovoltaic tree " test run

Update Time:2013.01.12 News Sources:China solar light

In January 1, 2013, the Hunan Polytechnic Vocational College green belt appeared a " light volt tree " street sculpture. This is the " characteristics of Campus Lighting Engineering " and " PV forest " project of first phase of the work: designed to produce a " light volt tree " test run, to obtain the relevant parameters, in order to promote.


Hunan Polytechnic Vocational College in Hunan push " two type society " great banner, take the lead in Hunan opened hair photovoltaic technology and application, photovoltaic materials processing technology and application of the two energy saving and environmental protection of solar professional, and strive to create excellent energy type universities. " Characteristics of Campus Lighting Engineering " and " PV forest " project in campus embellishment makes my courtyard energy university occupation atmosphere.


The Hunan Polytechnic Vocational College Solar Energy Research Institute designed and produced " photovoltaic tree " street sculpture as ordinary street lamp sculpture, is not required in the underground device circuit. It is daytime use of its solar panels petals to receive the sunlight, the light energy into electrical energy stored in underground storage battery, the night when the light is dark " photovoltaic tree " edge of the petals LED lamp light automatically ( design light 6 hours, night lighting needs bright low ).


In January 3rd Xiangtan night it began to snow, continuous cloudy day of a few days, when there is a gentle breeze; as of late January 8th " photovoltaic tree " in a cloudy day still lit 6 hours, wind resistance performance is steady, which has great promotion value, " PV forest " project rub one's eyes and wait.

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