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Yingli quarter of 2012 assembly volume achieves the history again new tall

Update Time:2013.01.08 News Sources:Solarbe

On January 8, 2013, Yingli Green Energy Holding Co announced that, after a preliminary statistics, the company is expected in 2012 four quarters module shipments achieves the history again new tall. At the same time, the company expects full-year 2012 assembly shipments more than 2.2 GW, higher than previously published 2.1 to 2.2 GW of guide cap.

Yingli Green Energy chairman and chief executive officer Miao Liansheng said: " despite a 2012 market environment is very serious, but we are very exciting is Yingli successfully achieved global market share continued to grow, not limited to the existing market, also includes some emerging market. According to the present disclosure data, we believe that Yingli component shipments have been ranking the first in the world. To achieve this the achievement of milepost type, hand thanks to the company brand, quality and cost of product structure and other aspects of the leading edge, but also inseparable from the support of all customers and suppliers as in the past. In 2013, we look forward to working with partners to work together, work together to meet the photovoltaic industry opportunities and challenges. "

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